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Port Hotel

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Area: 9000m2
Number of Rooms: 100
Client: PORT-HOTEL Sp. z o.o.

In case of this economy class, two star hotel, the design approach was to use assure maximum of usable area as per local urban regulations and to give the building an individual and attractive architectural expression.
Due to limitations resulting from zoning conditions and necessity to grant access to sufficient direct sunlight to the neighbour buildings, the volume of the hotel was divided in to two parts.

The horizontal base houses reception, conference centre and offices, while the upper part on top of the main base, formed as two cuboidal, parallel three-storey volumes, contains ensembles of hotel rooms.
The total number of hotel rooms is 100, including 2 units for disabled persons.
The effect of modern look has been reached by use of simple, rhythmic divisions on the facade and balanced proportion of glass and stone cladding.