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Location: Zegrze, Groszkowskiego Street
Area: 16 500m2
Client: Hotel Warszawianka Centrum Kongresowe sp. z o.o.
Phase: multi branch Concept Design
Year: 2010

The main concept is to extend the existing hotel located at Zegrze bay. The designers’ intention was to create 4 star hotel as well as 5 star hotel, convention centre , bungalows and to modernize existing palace. The complex is clearly divided into 2 parts. 5 star hotel, situated in close neighbourhood of the existing palace and the bay, will be designed in neoclassical style. Convention Centre, 4 star hotel and bungalows are situated at the back of the plot and remain in modern style. All the parts of the complex are connected with glazed links, offering panoramic view onto the bay and the landscape.